We improve strategic and financial performance for corporations and for small to medium sized businesses

Our objective is the growth of your business through management and organizational support. Our recommendations are highly tailored to our clients’ needs and the product of more than 25 years of experience and of the expertise of highly credentialed professionals.

We work with small, medium and large companies to relaunch and increase levels of economic, strategic and organizational performance

Customer behaviors and habits are changing in profound ways.

We have entered an economy of social distancing which will have great impacts on our business activities.

Businesses must be prepared to adopt flexible and effective strategies that allow them to adapt to new ways of interacting with customers and selling products and services.

Plus is equipped to guide you in this new reality with the professionalism and credibility that set us apart.

Our Services


  • Business structure analysis and identification of short-mid-long term goals

  • Financial review and management

  • Strategic and operational planning to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage

  • New business and sales development

  • Support for identifying company values and development of brand identity

  • Improvement of brand awareness, reputation and sales through online and social media marketing strategies

  • Organizational review and support for business changes through personalized coaching

  • Time and business activity management

Our innovative and customized approach is aimed at developing strong brand identity that highlights the specific traits of each business, underlining its history and values.

We facilitate interaction and alignment across the various business functions as we believe this to be essential for facing new challenges and for improving results.

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