A key resource for making strategic decisions

Market Analysis

A market analysis provides important information related to business sectors, customers, competitors and other dimensions useful for defining a marketing strategy aimed at creating new opportunities and business growth.

The methods we employ make use of innovative tools combined with more than 25 years of experience characterized by a clear and efficient approach focused on quality results.

These analyses are effective not only for new companies but also for established businesses wanting to enter today’s market or to launch new products or services.



  • Obtain information to better evaluate new opportunities and the effectiveness of your business plan

  • Identify market potential and opportunities

  • Identify obstacles and critical issues

  • Maximize your entrepreneurial potential

Our services

Customer relations

Through our mystery shopping network we evaluate store management, handling of phone calls and conduct interviews with actual customers.



In-store customers

We provide both qualitative observations and quantitative data regarding clients



We provide in-store benchmarking focused on customer interaction, prices and product promotion and display

Web and e-commerce

At websites and portals we assess the service level at moment of transaction with actual or simulated purchases and also analyze post sale service

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