At your side to achieve excellence in the hospitality sector

Mystery guest analyses in hotels, restaurants, cafès, fast food restaurants, amusement parks and in all companies whose core business is hospitality.

Our professionals are trained to verify the many aspects of service and to provide an objective evaluation based on the standards required by the market and those specified by the client.

A satisfied customer is the most credible ambassador for your business and their positive word-of-mouth recommendations are an essential lever for your success.


  • Analyze new consumer behaviors during the COVID-19 crisis and verify that the government guidelines have been correctly implemented by retail and hospitality businesses

  • Monitor and measure the performance of staff and facilities

  • Ensure quality levels of customer reception and other services

  • Analyze the handling effectiveness and response times related to customer complaints and claims.

  • Increase competitive advantage within the market

  • Identify customer needs and requirements to help define new services

  • Increase store performance levels and profitability

  • Reduce inefficiencies and problems

Areas of Evaluation

  • Customer greeting and reception
  • Bookings by telephone, e-mail, online or through travel agencies
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Housing units
  • Food & beverage (bar and restaurant)
  • Additional services (wellness center, swimming pool, gym, beach, meeting rooms)
  • Evaluations conducted by actual customers operating as mystery guests to collect real insights about service delivery and products
  • Monitoring of online reviews both positive and negative by a multilingual team of professionals and consultants
  • Analyses of brand reputation and word-of-mouth perception

We prepare detailed reports about the facility, the staff and the guest’s experience and can provide additional customized services that meet your needs and goals

We operate in Italy and throughout Europe with a team of experts capable of identifying critical issues that risk undermining your identity and the reputation of your brand

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