We help you improve the shopping experience for your customers

Purchase experience analysis using mystery shopping research techniques helps you to improve the quality of service and increase customer loyalty.

The evolution of the shopping experience, increasingly integrated within multi-channel marketing, requires businesses to change rapidly in response, and above all, to anticipate the expectations of their target audiences.

Our network of mystery shoppers, through both real and simulated purchases, evaluates level of organization, staff selling skills and overall service at the point of sale.

Our methodology


We carry out qualitative analyses using an extensive network of mystery shoppers throughout Europe. Mystery shoppers are selected based on the client company’s customer profile or according to its specific needs and are then properly trained to evaluate the various criteria to be verified during the visits. Our method ensures very high quality data and an immediate and effective analysis of collected information, advantages that distinguish us from competitors in the industry.

Over 25 years experience in business sectors including luxury goods, clothing, footwear, perfumeries, sporting goods, large-scale distribution, supermarkets, hypermarkets, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, electronics, furnishing accessories, eyewear and others.


Evaluation Areas


  • Analysis of new consumer behaviors during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery periods and verification of correct adherence to new regulations governing commercial activities.

  • Appearance of the store

  • Staff presentation and behavior

  • Listening skills, empathy and approachability

  • Knowledge and professional skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Selling effectiveness and capacity to up-sell and cross-sell products and services

  • Adherence to company philosophy

  • Workplace atmosphere


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